Asset Integrity Management in Oil&Gas

03 - 05 June 2014, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Advanced Asset Integrity Management Training

We would like to thank all participants and partners for making Asset Integrity Management in Oil&Gas Training 2014 such a wonderful event.

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“Learn how whole life asset integrity management excellence can deliver the full economic potential whilst preventing major incidents”

Our Trainer

David Price asset integrity management in oil and gas 2014DAVID PRICE


David has over 40 years’ experience in the energy sector worldwide, including the deserts of the Middle East, deepwater in the  North Sea and The Philippines, and arctic conditions offshore Northern Caspian Sea.


  • OBTAIN highly practical approaches to strategy that will help maximise the full life economic potential of your asset whilst preventing major incidents
  • IMPLEMENT new management systems for your own organisation that will assist in developing asset integrity excellence
  • GAIN new techniques and discover new tools that will improve your asset integrity performance
  • IMPROVE your own full life asset integrity management plans by self-assessment and worked examples
  • LEARN the value of information and knowledge and how to derive maximum value from investment in information capture
  • LEVERAGE the value of information to develop effective asset integrity performance improvement decision making strategies
  • FOCUS your time, skills and capabilities on critical areas that will make a significant difference to your asset performance
  • BENCHMARK against best practices through sharing of case studies

Who should attend?

Asset Managers, Operations Managers, Maintenance Managers, Technical Safety Managers, Chief Engineers, Technical Authorities, Legislators, Senior management and CEOs  
• Inspection and Maintenance Service Companies
• Certifying Agencies
• Engineering Consultancies

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